Music Therapy


What is DreamCatchers?

DreamCatchers is a music therapy & musical theatre program for children of all abilities. The program provides children and teens ages 5-18 the opportunity to participate in an extra-curricular musical theatre experience in an exciting, safe, and supportive environment for self-expression at low cost to families.

Classes will be held once a week for two semesters. The group will learn and practice for musical performances at the end of each semester. Your kids will sing and dance, while learning new skills and building lasting friendships. Participation in DreamCatchers will allow all students to use the life skills that are inherent to music and theatre production that help foster and maintain social cohesion, interaction, and understanding amongst families and children with and without disabilities.

Questions? Email or call 304-293-4692.


DreamCatchers is a program housed at the Center for Excellence in Disabilities, a non-profit organization devoted to improving the lives of people with disabilities and their families. We rely heavily on donations to continue the program and provide the best possible rehearsal and performance experiences to our cast members. If you give a monetary or in-kind equipment donation to DreamCatchers, you could help provide cast members and families with the following:

  1. Ice cream social and cast party
  2. Adaptive equipment for movement, social interaction, communication, cognition, or sensory needs
  3. Craft and design materials to create original artwork and promote self-expression
  4. Musical instruments and equipment for rehearsals and performances
  5. Costumes and set pieces
  6. Performance technology (microphones, speakers, etc.)
  7. T-shirts for cast members and families
  8. Additional support staff
  9. Scripts, program printing, performance fees, supplemental performance material
  10. Lobby decorations and flowers for cast members after each show
  11. Snacks for cast members during tech week

To make a monetary donation, please visit and select the "DreamCatchers" option.

Thank you for making our dream performances a reality!

Our next Dreamcatchers

When: February 9th through April 27th, every Tuesday evening from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Where: online!

Cost: $75 for new registrants, prorated fee for Spring 2020 registrants

Format: 10-minute greeting and music activity, 25-minute breakout rooms for 1:1 rehearsal, 5-minute break, 10-minute regroup and cool-down activity

While the pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things, one thing is for certain: music is NOT cancelled! With lots of planning and your quality of life in mind, the DreamCatchers team has planned an online season for Spring 2021 ending with a virtual talent show! Participants will continue to have access to 1:1 supervision from graduate occupational therapy students, collaborative interaction, and tailored activities with music, movement, and art to foster positive experiences with others.

Please send questions to Grace Lauzon, MM, MT-BC at or call the music therapy clinic at (304) 293-4692, ext. 9

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