Music Therapy

Music Therapy Services

What services do you offer?

  • Consultations (in-person, phone, or telehealth)
  • Individualized Music Therapy Assessments (50 minutes)
  • Individual or group music therapy treatment (in-person or telehealth)

How much do music therapy services cost?

Our fees account for the credentialing of the therapist, duration of service provision, session planning, and documentation/report-writing. For in-person and telehealth services, we are currently using a private pay system. However, we also have a sliding scale to accommodate different financial circumstances. If you have financial questions, please contact the music therapy clinic at or our accountant, Kristi Kidder, at

  • Initial consultation: free
  • 50-minute music therapy assessment: $75
  • 30-minute individual session: $45
  • 50-minute individual session: $75
  • Group sessions: rates vary depending on group size and session frequency. Please contact the music therapy clinic for more information

Telehealth Music Therapy Services

Music has always been able to reach people, no matter where they are!

Did you know that music therapy services can be provided via telehealth? While sessions may not look the same as they do in-person, many of the same treatment goals can be addressed through virtual interactions and music-based interventions. We’re currently able to offer telehealth sessions for WV and PA residents with Zoom. The clinic Zoom link is fully encrypted and HIPAA-compliant, which means we are able to ensure confidentiality of information while improving your access to virtual healthcare.

Telehealth music therapy sessions can involve digital music creation or recreation, improvisation, songwriting, relaxation, and more! Music therapists consider the following when determining if telehealth would be an effective option for you:

  1. Your access to materials and equipment
  2. Your vision, hearing, and other sensory abilities
  3. Your level of independence or assistance
  4. Your level of isolation and interaction
  5. The severity or acuity of your needs
  6. Your abilities and strengths with technology
  7. Your past telehealth experience

Because of the differences in delivery, sound quality, involvement, and methods of participation, telehealth music therapy would be most effective for you if:

  1. You have reliable access to internet
  2. You have reliable, consistent sound and picture quality on your device(s)
  3. You have someone to help you during the session (hand-over-hand, vision, communication, etc.)
  4. You have access to a quiet, distraction-free space during sessions

For more information about telehealth services, telehealth consent forms, and patient rights, please contact us at | (304) 293-4692 option 9

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you are new to the clinic, you will need to complete the Contact/Interest form before scheduling any visits. This way, we can determine if music therapy treatment could be the right fit for you. We will contact you to complete an intake over the phone, then send additional information.

If you would like to refer someone to the music therapy clinic, please complete the interest form.

If you have additional questions, please contact the music therapy clinic at or (304) 293-4692 option 9. You can also contact or (304) 293-4692 for more information.